Knock Me Down

Running in the New  York City Marathon reignited my passion of running, and for the most part the running I’ve been doing has been pretty strong – my overall times has been getting faster and closer to where I was pre-injury.  That said, there’s always a fine line between getting faster and getting injured.

True to my word  from the last post I spent the remainder of my time traveling resting and more importantly not running – just taking my time wandering the streets of Boston, Montreal and Toronto, taking in  the sights, eating well and making new  friends with fellow travellers.

Coming home so far has been interesting experience for my recovery, or what can be argued as contradictory to it.
As it turns out I’m still yet to grasp the full concept of recovery (continuing on by doing things the Ross Pentland wrong way). Physically I’ve been through the other side of a marathon before, though I was attempting “easy” runs as soon as the Wednesday

Fortunately, I  have a good network of support to help me get my head straight.

After two weeks off, I arrived home and threw myself into the deep end, starting by running my 50th parkrun which is quite a celebrated milestone in the parkrun community – for those that don’t know, parkrun is a community/volunteer based running initiative that started in Shepard’s Bush in London back in 2004 and since then has gone on to be a worldwide running community.
Upon coming home, there was a slight concern that I may have undone two weeks of rest in those 68 and a half minutes of running-turned-racing, though the effects of the long haul flight from Los  Angeles was a contributing factor.

City2Sea 2014

Despite starting 5 minutes in the wave after me, this guy in the squid costume ran me down in the home straight

City2Sea 2014

Running strong at the finish of another City2Sea

I’ve only started running 4 times a week, though mostly training by myself save for my routine parkruns, one fartlek session with the Crosbie Crew and a running assessment with Freedom Sports Medicine.
At the behest of my physios and coaches, a key focus this time around has been on active recovery even going as far to recommend against participating too seriously in quality sessions, particularly focusing away from any serious speed sessions. Nonetheless it’s good to be back around the crew and back home running.

As for the next year ahead besides Two Bays I haven’t committed to anything just yet – there are races I’ve listed as my ideal year ahead.

In the meantime I’ve recently joined Strava – I’m also still on RunKeeper, though I have to say I’m impressed with the community and level of support that Strava has at the moment.  Hopefully I’m able to keep myself in check over the summer and not push myself too hard while I sort out my body and year ahead! Here’s hoping to an injury-free year and some new PBs!

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