Rollin’ and Tumblin

First, some post race analysis from Two Bays last month. Coming into it this time around, I knew what to expect and adjusted my pacing to the course accordingly – saving my energy climbing Arthur’s Seat and making gains for the rest of the course was my plan and amazingly I made the whole course without tripping and rolling over. Two Bays is a stunning course that runs from Dromana to Cape Schank across 28km, or Cape Schank to Dromana and back for the 56km ultramarathon, all along the Mornington Peninsula with a challenging trail course with lots of incline and decline.

For the most part it felt like I was running a strong race, not pushing it too much and managing myself on the inclines and declines. I felt that a course PB, or the very least another sub-3 hour finish was on the cards. My steady pace dissipated however once I crossed 22km, where my right calf had enough and refused to function properly, leaving me to hobble and walk the remaining 6km and with finishing in a time of 3:19. This was maybe to be expected having effectively one month of training after another month of recovering from New York City Marathon, little technical trail experience, and/or not enough long training milage in my legs. So time was the element working against me, despite taking a much more (comparatively) conservative approach to post marathon recovery (where in 2013 I was back running a week after Berlin Marathon, in Munich during my visit to Oktoberfest (yes my love of running only slightly eclipsed my love of beer)).

Looking back now it was a pretty good day for running, but at the time after finishing I was pretty despondent, having fallen away so hard at the later stages and especially feeling let down in front of my running club for what I felt was a poor performance. I even wondered if it was even any point in racing anymore (very dramatic, I know), but ultimately decided this one poor performance and I had time to make a lot of improvement.

Doing it tough at this year's Two Bays 28km

Doing it tough at this year’s Two Bays 28km

Touching base properly for the first time in 2015. I’ve laid down my plans for this year, and for the first time this year I’ll be running the Melbourne Marathon this year. Focusing on shorter races in the interim, starting with a Sri Chinmoy 10km race, followed by a return to Run for the Kids and the Great Train Race hoping to have made significant improvements with my form and technique and translating them into good times and better performances across the longer races and training runs.

I’ve got two major half marathons lined up in the first half of the year – the first one being the Geelong Half Marathon. I’ve heard this is a flat course and I entered mostly on impulse, but I’m looking forward to see if I can challenge my 2013 PB of 1:38. There’s a couple of weeks to go and a few other races I have lined up so it will be good experience for this year.

The next half marathon will be another trail race also in the Geelong region, the Surf Coast Trail Half Marathon – Great Ocean Road Half Marathon was an option but taking into consideration training and travel options The main challenge will be first of all terrain – being a trail race interspliced with sections of sand, stretching up to 4km. Secondly, a fairly minor one is distance in that Surf Coast Half is slightly longer at approximately 22.4km, which isn’t too much of an issue, considering that Two Bays is 28km and by then I’ll have already raced a standard-length half marathon.

While I’ve only been running for 3 and a half years, I’ve seen quite a lot of newcomers to both my running club and in general. A week ago I decided to undertake a Community Coaching 1 course, which I found very .  I’m taking in a long term view to build up before doing Level 2 Recreational Running Coaching, given that 30 hours of coaching are required and have a lot of my own running to focus on, but hopefully by the next year or so I can take the next step and be valuable to runners of all levels. This will be through my experiences both on and off the track, building on what knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained throughout my running and racing as well as through academic articles.

With the ultimate goal for the year to run a sub-3:20 at Melbourne Marathon this year, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year in running – hopefully I can manage my body well and mitigate any injury that might arise.