Two Bays Trail Run 2014

My name is Ross Pentland,  I’m an amateur runner based in Melbourne and this is my blog detailing my efforts and observations in training and racing both locally and internationally.  I love my running, travelling, reading and I’m always looking for new ways of self-improvement.

I became a runner on June 12th 2011, using my new found motivation to lose 10kg in 10 weeks. Spurned on by this I signed up for my first fun run in the first City2Sea in 2011 and the rest they say, is history.  The next challenge is always on my horizon, whether it be running a faster 5km, going further in another marathon or learning something new.

For 2016 I’ve been selected as a Mizuno brand ambassador.

Personal Bests:

  • 1500m – 5:16.4 Newport 20/11/2016
  • 3000m – 11:38.9 Box Hill VRN Twilight Track Night 22/3/2016
  • Tan Lap 3.8km – 14:47 Tan Relays 17/9/2016
  • 5km – 19:09 Berwick Springs parkrun 3/12/2016
  • 10km – 42:44 Sandy Point 10km 21/8/2016
  • Half Marathon – 1:32:55 Burnley Half 4/9/2016
  • Marathon – 3:24:30 Berlin Marathon 29/9/2013


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